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Divorces can involve property division disputes, child custody battles and heated spousal support arguments. Because the stakes are so high, divorces often become hostile and emotional for both parties. You need an attorney who will aggressively protect your rights in negotiations and in the courtrooms.

Richard J RosiakAt The Law Offices of Richard J. Rosiak, our attorneys forcefully represent clients in divorce proceedings. From our Downey office, we assist people across the Los Angeles metro area with their divorce cases and work to get them the best possible outcome. Our lead counsel has over 25 years of family law experience and a long history of positive case results. We speak Spanish, Polish and English, so you can talk to your legal counsel in your preferred language.

Filing For A Divorce And Asset Division In California

California is both a "no-fault" and "equitable distribution of property" divorce state. No fault means that either party in a marriage can file for divorce without needing to show that the other party did anything wrong. Equitable distribution means that factors, including relative earnings, child custody and earning potential will influence who gets what property.

Because the court will most likely decide the fate of your assets and debts, you need skilled litigation counsel. Our capable litigators will give you more control over the process and represent your interests in the courtroom. Our attorneys do not back down from a challenge and they strive to get clients their fair share of assets.

We Will Protect Your Children During A Custody Dispute

A divorce can quickly become a difficult child custody battle. If you and your ex-spouse cannot come to a custody agreement, then the courts will get involved. California family courts weigh many variables when deciding whom the child will live with and the length of visitation or parenting time.

Legal custody grants parents the rights to make many decisions about their child's life, including:

  • Where they take up permanent residence
  • Where they go to school
  • Medical and psychological care
  • The religious activities they will practice

While our lawyers focus on the best interests of the child, we will still help you enforce your parental rights. We will challenge unfair custody agreements and work to get you an equitable amount of time with your child. We protect the parenting rights of our clients, regardless if they are a mother or a father.

Knowledgeable Advocates For Child Support Payments

While child support payments in California are primarily determined by a calculator, a few extenuating factors can influence the payment total. We will represent your interests in a child support battle and work to get you fair payments. If a party fails to make their required child support payments, we will use a civil suit to get the full amount of your child support payment.

We Will Help You In The Fight For Spousal Support

Spousal support is a legal order that requires one ex-spouse to give monetary support to the other ex-spouse after a divorce. While spousal support — sometimes called alimony — is not required, a few factors will determine if a person is eligible. Both husbands and wives can receive spousal support on a temporary or permanent basis.

The factors that influence spousal support payments include:

  • The earning capacity of each spouse
  • Their job skills and the current standard of living
  • The ability for each party to pay
  • The length of the marriage and age

The courts will decide if spousal support is necessary and the length of payments. Because a calculator does not decide the spousal support payment amount, your choice of legal representation will have a huge impact on your case. Our attorneys will advocate on your behalf and work to get a fair outcome in spousal support proceedings.

Our Law Firm Will Not Back Down From A Challenge

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