Lawyers Who Protect Those Contending with Domestic Violence

Richard J RosiakIf you are experiencing physical, emotional, economic or psychological domestic abuse, we can help. At The Law Offices of Richard J. Rosiak, our proven family law attorneys have helped domestic violence survivors get away from their abusers and secured compensation for their suffering. We also represent those wrongfully accused of domestic abuse. We will investigate your case and defend your rights in the courtroom. Our law firm gives families something they may not have felt in years — hope.

We represent domestic abuse clients throughout the Los Angeles metro area from our Downey office. Our lead counsel has practiced California family law for nearly 30 years and has a long history of results. We are compassionate lawyers who guide our clients through their entire domestic violence case, from restraining orders to a custody battle.

We Will Hold Your Abuser Accountable

Protective orders, also called restraining orders, prevent a person from contacting or speaking to another person. We will begin preparing a temporary restraining order during your first meeting. A temporary order gives our clients immediate protections without a court hearing.

Our lawyers will also represent your best interests in the restraining order hearing, which usually comes three weeks after the temporary restraining order filing. Our litigators will build a well-crafted argument based on a thorough inspection of your case details.

A domestic violence restraining order can grant many protections, including:

  • Exclusive access to any children or pets residing in a household
  • Temporary child custody and child support payments
  • Prohibiting the accused abuser from buying guns or ammunition
  • Ordering the abuser to pay for the domestic violence survivor's legal fees
  • Granting the domestic violence survivor temporary possession of jointly owned property such as a car or home
  • Requiring the abuser to continue to pay debts associated with jointly owned property

Proven Litigators For Domestic Violence Civil Suits

A domestic violence survivor is able to sue their abuser in civil court for damages such as lost wages, medical expenses and pain. Our seasoned attorneys will protect your rights in the courtroom and fight for your compensation. In some cases, the opposition may also have to pay your legal fees.

Start Taking Control Of Your Domestic Abuse Case

Our attorneys will help you get out of a bad situation and defend your family. We have decades of domestic abuse experience and a record of wins for our clients. We are conveniently located 15 minutes from wherever you are! Call our office now by dialing 888-393-5412 or sending a private email. Se Habla Español.