We Will Help You Establish Parentage

Parentage is the process that establishes the legal relationship between a child and a parent. Parentage cases, also called paternity cases, are emotional and often involve conflicts between ex-partners and their families. That is why you need knowledgeable legal counsel who will guide your case. At The Law Offices of Richard J. Rosiak, our attorneys will efficiently fight for you in your parentage case.

Our family law litigators have over 25 years of courtroom experience and a long record of case results. Our Downey office is near three major highways so people across the Los Angeles metro area can easily come to our office. Our lawyers speak Spanish, English and Polish, so you can communicate case details in your preferred language. We protect the rights of both mothers and fathers in parentage disputes.

Skilled Attorneys For The Entire Parentage Process

Richard J RosiakWhile parentage is often voluntarily given, a civil lawsuit can also establish parentage. These lawsuits allow both mothers and fathers to prove the legal parentage of their child through the family court. A person need not have an ongoing romantic relationship or marriage to establish parentage.

Establishing parentage confers many benefits and responsibilities to a person, including:

The courts will use a DNA test if a person refuses or denies that they are the genetic parent of a child. These tests are extremely accurate and are an effective tool for people on either side of a dispute.

We will aggressively represent your side of a parentage case in the courtroom hearing. Our attorneys will fight on your behalf and they are always available for clients. You have parental rights from the moment your child is born and to get support from a parent who neglects their responsibilities. We will help you exercise your rights and allow you to build the best possible relationship with your child.

Capable California Attorneys For Many Types Of Parentage Clients

Our lawyers assist parents who want to reverse a voluntary declaration of parentage or amend a birth certificate. We will file the appropriate paperwork on your behalf and clear up any lingering parentage questions.

We also represent same-sex partners who would like to establish parentage for their children. We help LGBT couples establish parentage and protect their rights throughout the complex legal process.

Parentage Is Serious, Talk To A Proven Lawyer

Parentage has long-term effects on the financial and emotional well-being of a child. We will protect your child and fight for their best interests. We are conveniently located 15 minutes from wherever you are! To speak with a seasoned parentage attorney, call 888-393-5412 or use our form now. Se Habla Español.