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California laws outline the eviction process for both parties

In general, the relationship between landlord and tenant is based on mutual trust and courtesy. However, circumstances arise on a regular basis that may require a severing of the landlord/tenant relationship through an eviction. California and other states have laws that dictate how the eviction process can proceed.

For a landlord, California law requires that a tenant is notified in writing. This notice can be delivered directly to the tenant or presented to another adult household member and then mailing a second notice to the tenant. The landlord could also elect to present the notice by fastening it to the front door or another prominent place on the property and mailing a duplicate notice. If the tenant does not comply, the landlord can then proceed through the required steps using the civil court system. Once these steps are completed successfully and the tenant has still not vacated the premises, then the landlord can move to the physical removal procedure.

There are some financial perks to a divorce

If the often quoted statistic concerning marriages is still accurate, then as many as 50 percent of marriages will not last forever. While a divorce proceeding is never an easy undertaking, not all aspects are negative. For many California residents, the formal dissolution of a marriage can result in an improvement in their financial well-being.

Some financial planning professionals claim that while a divorce can be an emotionally draining time, it may not always have negative effects on one's monetary circumstances. There are about seven known advantages that a person may realize once the decree is issued. The first one is that disagreements over money matters will cease to be a source of distress for a couple. Often, one spouse who wished to cut spending may now be able to grow a healthy savings account. Additionally, if the proper paperwork is executed, a former couple can split certain retirement accounts without having to lose an estimated 10 percent to penalties.

Allegations of drug abuse can affect child custody and support

Few issues can bring out animosity more than a divorce. At these times, one may find himself or herself on the wrong end of substance abuse allegations, which can have a negative effect on both child custody and support matters. California parents who are concerned about either of these serious allegations do have options for seeking help to determine what arrangements will best serve their children.

If one parent has leveled these types of accusations, the ramifications can result in the accusing parent being awarded sole custody, at least on a temporary basis. The courts regard this as a serious problem and may order that the accused parent take a drug panel test in order to assess if the allegations are true. There are several types of testing that could be ordered as well as two different types of panels.

3 assumptions you shouldn't make about child custody

Fighting over custody of your kids can be a painful experience. It can be overwhelming and confusing, and you may find it easy to believe some things about the process that are inaccurate.

However, it is important that you have accurate information to help you understand your options and make decisions. As such, you should think twice before believing some of the common misconceptions people have about child custody cases in California.

Three ways to establish paternity in California and reasons why

California families take many forms. While fewer couples elect to marry before starting a family, there are ways and good reasons to establish paternity even when parents are not legally wed. There are three ways that this can be done in this state.

The first and easiest method to legally state the paternity of a child is if the parents elect to sign a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity at the time of the child's birth. If this method is chosen, the hospital staff will provide the paperwork, and the father's name will be listed on the birth certificate. However, this can be delayed at the discretion of the parents. If the form is signed at a later date, the paperwork must be completed in the presence of a notary and then sent into the child support collection agency. Once this is done and the paperwork is received, a corrected birth notice can be requested, but if at some point a parent wishes to rescind this Declaration, it may be a difficult process and even DNA may not release a father from the duty of paying child support once ordered.

How is paternity established in California?

When determining who is legally recognized as the parent of the child, it is often straightforward if the parents are married at the time of the child’s birth. California law generally assumes that the two people in a marriage are the legal parents of their child by default.

The same holds true for parents that are registered domestic partners when the child is born. As of January 1, 2005, California law assumes that domestic partners are the child’s parents. 


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