Let Our Law Firm Protect What Is Most Important — Family

While you can represent yourself in California family court, there are serious consequences for mistakes. A heated dispute with an ex-partner can cause anyone to lose his or her cool. With your children and property on the line, you will want a trusted family law attorney.

Richard J RosiakAt The Law Offices of Richard J. Rosiak, our attorneys give clients seasoned legal counsel backed by nearly 30 years of family law experience. Our lawyers will represent your best interests and give you time-tested legal counsel. We will work closely with you to understand the details of your case and create a personalized legal plan. Our Downey, California, office is near three major highways so people throughout the Los Angeles metro area can easily find us.

Established Advocates For A Variety Of Family Law Cases

A family law case can involve intimate details about your life and emotional conflicts over your children, property and hard-earned assets. We are comprehensive advocates for a range of family law challenges. Our extensive knowledge of family law and years of experience allows us to efficiently resolve many types of disputes.

Here are a few of the family law disputes our lawyers represent:

Compassionate Protection For Domestic Violence Survivors

If you or your family is facing domestic violence, we can help. Our lawyers are capable advocates who will use the full range of legal tools to get you out of an abusive situation. We can also sue your abuser for compensation based on your lost wages, medical expenses and pain.

If You Were Hurt Or Screwed, We Will Fight For You

Our results-oriented attorneys focus on getting you the best possible outcome for your case. This means that while we attempt to work with the opposition if they become unreasonable we will be your aggressive fighter. We have years of civil court experience and a thorough understanding of effective courtroom strategies.

Facing off against a family member or ex-spouse is often painful and emotional. Our attorneys will represent you at every step of your case. To speak with seasoned family law counsel, call 888-393-5412 or send us a message. We are conveniently located 15 minutes from wherever you are! Se Habla Español.